Hypernatural is a generative video platform that puts the creation of great videos in reach for everyone. We’re hiring a Designer to build the future of video creation with us.


Short form video is on an explosive trajectory that shows no signs of slowing down. Every marketer wants to make more videos, but good video is expensive to produce and often requires highly specialized skills.

Enter Hypernatural. We are on a journey to build the most amazing and easy-to-use generative video editor the world has ever seen. We’re shipping custom fine-tuned generative models across multiple modalities (text, imagery, video) and tackling all the crazy latency and multi-player issues involved. Video creation is a complex task and we aim to make it feel magical. You will drive the design of Hypernatural’s video creation platform and become a world expert in how to make video generation and editing feel effortless in a browser.

Our work ethos

Build simple solutions using practical tools; talk with users daily. Good-enough today is much better than perfect next week.
We apply the same approach to our working model. Enough process to get the work done and no more. A willingness to debate and to disagree/commit in equal measure. We do daily standups and weekly planning to talk about how the work is going.


A few things we’re looking for:
  • You’ve designed and shipped apps or websites to real customers and iterated to make the product better for them.
  • You are interested in all aspects of design. In addition to setting the tone for product design, you are excited to build our design system from scratch and own product branding and marketing surfaces.

  • You have strong opinions about building a great user experience, from the big picture (e.g. how should generative functionality marry with traditional video creation tools) to the minute (e.g. how should the video timeline animate as it scrolls on the screen).
  • You’re detail-oriented. You care when something is off center or if there’s a jitter in the animation. If you see something weird happening in the app in a user onboarding session, you make sure it gets fixed.
This is not a junior position. Call it senior or staff, depending on you. We are excited to learn from you and vice versa.


We expect you to be a partner in building Hypernatural from the ground up. Your equity will reflect that. We’re venture funded and also pay cash compensation.
Beyond that, we offer medical and dental insurance for you and your family and a 401(k) plan.
We're looking for someone within the continental U.S. timezones who can legally work in the U.S.


Please send an email to info at hypernatural dot ai along with a link to your LinkedIn, CV or Github.

Who we are

So far, we’re Taylor and Rebecca. We’re passionate about video, AI, and most of all, shipping useful products that users keep coming back to. We like to debate and don’t get too hung up on winning arguments at the expense of shipping and learning.